About Us

Systech over the last decade has been providing engineering, consulting and designing services in the area of security. Systech also developed several cutting edge technologies in the area of network security and management of cloud environment. with a strong focus on Security. Systech has been helping organizations achieve their core business objectives through its solutions and services. To address the highly dynamic nature of information technology, Systech provides clients with varied options in implementing and managing their IT infrastructure by leveraging the best of breed in Proprietary, FOSS and cloud technologies.


Kavach iTaaS

Kavach iTaaS is a game changer. It provides complete IT stack using Hybrid Cloud.


Kavach Cloudwall

The cloud platform provides a viable and economical solution most clients will benefit from.


Kavach UTM

One of the ways an Internet Gateway Device can make a difference in your business.

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When you are on cloud, you have to be very careful about how you use it. Else you will surely end up getting a Bill Shock!!!

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Am I paying the right amount for the cloud infra?

Is there a way to reduce the costs?

Am I using the right technologies?

How Secure Am I?

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